Healthcare Is a Human Right! Single Payer Healthcare Now!

Healthcare is a basic human right. One functionally denied to millions of people in this country and in this state. Today in the U.S. there are over 29.9 million adults without access to safe and affordable medical care. In California 36 percent of all people with insurance, 12 million people, are underinsured--meaning their access to actual care is limited. Almost 3 million Californians remain outright uninsured.  

This is not due to a lack of resources, but due to an economic system that rewards the pure greed of wealthy individuals, politicians, and companies who value profit over human lives. At its heart, it is an issue of insurance companies’ and other medical corporations’ profits being valued over human life.

The lie constantly told about universal healthcare is that it is “unachievable” or “unrealistic.” Instead we are forced to choose from a variety of overpriced and ineffectual insurance policies and told this is the only way it can be. At the same time that millions are denied medical care (and by extension, a right to life itself), the U.S. government funnels billions upon billions of dollars into a seemingly endless war machine.

There is an alternative! Immediately, the Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner campaign calls for the implementation of single payer healthcare as an important step in the right direction.

A single-payer system would guarantee safe and free access to medical treatment and procedures for women, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ youth, and workers of all backgrounds.

A single-payer system would remove the insurance companies, whose interests are that of money and not the lives and well-being of people, and make the state government the negotiator for medical costs and other aspects of healthcare. Study after study has shown that this can save millions in immediate costs. But long term even more is saved. The current healthcare system wastes inordinate amounts in emergency care for uninsured people and because it doesn’t provide for decent preventive care.

A single-payer healthcare system would provide efficient medical treatment for ALL.

We are championing an alternative to the brutality and disregard of the capitalist system. Single payer healthcare is just the beginning. To really solve the crises we face under this system, crisis of health care, housing, jobs and education, we need a new system. We need socialism. Socialism provides for the needs of people, not the profits of the corporations.

Vote socialist this June 5! Vote Peace and Freedom Party!

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